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Fishing Reports

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April 21, 2018 Bow River Fishing Report 

Well I think it is safe to say that summer is now here! With the days starting to be warmer more consistently runoff is beginning to make itself known. Visibility is still decent on the Bow but grows worse as you move downstream from the Calgary Zoo. Currently the Zoo is over three feet of vis, Policeman Flats is at two feet, and Jensen’s is sitting at about four inches. 

Visibility aside, fishing on the Bow has been decent. Fish are still groggy from the winter and haven't quite got a active as they are mid-season.
Midges are popping off in good amounts and fish have been the occasional one here and there (wind permitting that is). Aside from midges make sure to pack a handful of the flashier streamers as well as some micro leeches, as there has been buzz that the trout have been gorging on them. Also remember to bring a selection of your more general nymph patterns (i.e. Pheasant Tail, Lighting Bug, Jimi Legs, etc.) as they have been producing quite consistently. 

Ice shelves on the Bow right now are high and can be unstable, and as much as you may be pumped to race down to the river and get your lines tight please exercise caution and be careful of where you step

Here are some more suggestions for patterns that we have found to be working well right now:

  • Dries: Christaen's GT Trico Adult sz 18, Cluster Midge sz 16-18, Trico Parachute sz 18
  • Nymphs: Flexi Girdle Bug Dark Olive sz 6-8, Parkin's PR Muskrat Gold and Brown Stone sz 8-10, Theo's Pheasant Tail sz 12-18, Evil Weevil sz 12-16, Tung Stud sz 12-16
  • Streamers/Leeches: Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Sculpin sz 4-6, Krafts Kreelex Brown/Yellow or Copper/Gold  sz 4, BH Hale Bopp Leech sz 8-10, Weise's Swimming Minnow Grey or Green sz 4, Skiddish Smolt Grey sz 6, and Strolis Headbanger Sculpin sz 1



April 21, 2018 Crowsnest and Oldman Area Fishing Report

Fishing conditions to the south of us is a bit worse than what we are seeing in the city. After making a drive down to Lethbridge earlier this week, it is safe to say that the Oldman (below the dam), the Sheep, and the St.Mary's are all blown out. Visibility is mediocre at best too; if I were to compare it to something it would be as clear as a double double from Tim's.

The Crowsnest on the other hand is still fishing pretty well. Visibility is clear and if it is hindered by melt that doesn't come around till later in the day. Bugs are slowly starting to get active too; we have had reports of both midges and winter stones popping off so the fish should start looking up in the very near future.

As of April 1, new regulation changes allow year-round, catch-and-release fishing on the entire Crowsnest River, from the outlet of the Crowsnest Lake to the Oldman Reservoir. So fishing is now open all year.

Fly patterns worth tying on in the south:
  • Dries: Christaen's GT Trico Adult sz 18, Cluster Midge sz 16-18, Trico Parachute sz 18, Swisher's LLS Chernobyl sz 6-10, Shubby Chernobyl Purple Grey Wing sz 8-12
  • Nymphs: Evil Weevil sz 14-16, Copper John Red sz 14-20, Theo's BH Pheasant Tail sz 14-18, BH Rubber Leg Stone Tan sz 8-12, Dee's Water Boatman sz 12-16
  • Streamers: Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Alter's Jointed APP White #3/0, Keller's Bull Candy White sz 4, Loop Leech Pink or Black sz 2, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Pink sz 6, Muddy Buddy Black/Brown sz 6

April 21, 2018 Elk River Area Fishing Report

The Elk is currently closed and will reopen on June 15 for the season.


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