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October 22, 2017 Bow River Fishing Report 

The weather this past week has allowed bug life to thrive and the BWO's are out in big amounts and the trout seem to be gorging themselves. Not only have we been seen BWO's but there is still a decent amount of October Caddis on the water so tying on something that can resemble them in a foam pattern would be a great choice. When we get sub surface the most productive fly has seemed to be the water boatman, there has been word of streamer fishing here and there but for the time being fishing hopper/dry dropper has been getting the larger percentage of the fish.

The browns are already to starting to pair up for the spawn so when wading the banks or floating be cognisant of your surroundings and try to stay off the redds.

Here are some more suggestions for patterns that we have found to be working well right now:

  • Blue Winged Olives: EFO Trifecta BWO sz 16-20, Traditional BWO sz 16-20, Christensen's GT Adult BWO sz 16-20, Sparkle Dun BWO sz 16-20
  • Nymphs: Flexi Girdle Bug Dark Olive sz 6-8, Parkin's PR Muskrat Gold and Brown Stone sz 8-10, BH Stone Shagadelic sz 4-6, Dee's Water Boatman sz 12-16
  • Streamers/Leeches: Clousabou Black, Olive and Brown sz 6, Krafts Kreelex Purple/Black/Silver, Brown/Yellow, and Copper/Gold  sz 4, BH Hale Bopp Leech sz 8-10, Weise's Swimming Minnow Grey or Green sz 4

October 22, 2017 Crowsnest and Oldman Area Fishing Report

The levels on the Crow are very low; fishing has still seemed to be pretty good. The cutts are starting to be very picky when it comes to what fly they're going to eat so make sure that when you head down that you have a wide variety flies. Fishing down south is in fall form but bug life has seemed to be pretty good, with the great weather down that way the BWO's have been popping off in good amounts. The cutts have been more than eager to eat on top and the bulls are pouring on the feedbags for the winter so pitching the odd streamer is not a bad choice.

Fly patterns worth tying on in the south:
  • Nymphs: Evil Weevil sz 14-16, Copper John Red sz 14-20, Theo's BH Pheasant Tail sz 14-18, BH Rubber Leg Stone Tan sz 8-12, DEe's Water Boatman
  • Blue Winged Olives: CDC BWO Thorax sz 14-20, CDC Biot Emerger BWO 14-18, Dunnigan's Dunn Dunn BWO sz 14-20, No Hackle BWO sz 14-22
  • Stoneflies: SRA Willy's Goldenstone sz 6-12, Gould's Half-Down Golden stone sz 6-12, Chernobyl Tan sz 8-12, Royal Stimulator sz 12-16, True Golden Stone sz 8-10
  • Hoppers/Ants: CDC Water Wasp Black sz 16-20, Gould's Half Down Black Ant sz 14-18, Grizzly Chernobyl sz 6-10, Carnage Hopper sz 6-12, KK's Henneberry Hopper Yellow or Tan sz 10-12
  • Streamers: Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Alter's Jointed APP White #3/0, Keller's Bull Candy White sz 4, Loop Leech Pink sz 2, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Pink sz 6

October 22, 2017 Elk River Area Fishing Report

The past week down south has brought a lot of rain, which has dirtied up the rivers in a big way. Dry fly action has somewhat come to an end for the season, which has forced anglers to go subsurface to get the trout. Packing a wide variety of nymphs and streamers would be advised, as the trout haven't seemed to be keying into anything specific. Fore your streamers because of the dirty water we would suggest bringing more dark stuff, as it will prove to be more visible to the fish.

Fishing is still good down south so don't count out making one last trip down there before it's to late.

Flies to try right now:
  • Nymphs: Evil Weevil sz 14-16, Copper John sz 14-20, Theo's BH Pheasant Tail sz 14-18, Cheater Belly Blk/Brn sz 4-8, Purple Prince Nymph sz 12-16, Trout Retriever Black Lab sz 6-8
  • Streamers: Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Alter's Jointed APP White #3/0, Keller's Bull Candy White sz 4, Loop Leech Pink sz 2, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Pink sz 6, Weise's Sleech Black sz 2, Loop Leech Black sz 4


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