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Fishing Reports

What's happening on the water


December 17, 2017 Bow River Fishing Report 


With the lack of snow around and temperature hanging around the 2 degree mark, fishing has proven to be pretty productive. Customers and guides have been doing well with nymphs through the seams and big holes as well as fishing a streamer on the swing. We have even been getting reports as of late that people are seeing snouts! Midges have been coming off in good numbers and it has proven to give the angler good results.

The hardest part more than anything is finding the spots where the fish are. With the low levels on the Bow, it has the fish very spread out. Have no fear; all that means is that you're going to have to walk a little further to the next hole.

Here are some more suggestions for patterns that we have found to be working well right now:

  • Dries: Christaen's GT Trico Adult sz 18, Cluster Midge sz 16-18, Trico Parachute sz 18
  • Nymphs: Flexi Girdle Bug Dark Olive sz 6-8, Parkin's PR Muskrat Gold and Brown Stone sz 8-10, BH Stone Shagadelic sz 4-6, Evil Weevil sz 12-16, Tung Stud sz 12-16
  • Streamers/Leeches: Clousabou Black, Olive and Brown sz 6, Krafts Kreelex Purple/Black/Silver, Brown/Yellow, and Copper/Gold  sz 4, BH Hale Bopp Leech sz 8-10, Weise's Swimming Minnow Grey or Green sz 4, TB ASS Leech sz 8-10, Weise's Scleech Black sz 2

December 17, 2017 Crowsnest and Oldman Area Fishing Report

Just as winter fishing has come to Calgary it has also come to the Crowsnest Pass. The cold weather down south has some sections of the Crow iced over so spots aren't as plentiful as usual. With that being said the sections that are still fishable are producing the occasional trout. 

When making a trip down to this neck of the woods, we reccomend that you bring a good amount of streamers and nymphs alike. Main thing to remember is that you need to get down deep, losing flies is a regular occurence this time of the year so don't hesitate to bring more flies than usual.

Fly patterns worth tying on in the south:
  • Nymphs: Evil Weevil sz 14-16, Copper John Red sz 14-20, Theo's BH Pheasant Tail sz 14-18, BH Rubber Leg Stone Tan sz 8-12, DEe's Water Boatman
  • Streamers: Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Alter's Jointed APP White #3/0, Keller's Bull Candy White sz 4, Loop Leech Pink or Black sz 2, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Pink sz 6, Muddy Buddy Black/Brown sz 6

December 17, 2017 Elk River Area Fishing Report

**Fishing in the Elk River area will be open again on June 15, 2019**


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