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March 15, 2019 Bow River Fishing Report 

Well, I think it's safe to say that we have made it through the worst of the weather. This means that now we finally have some time to get out on the river and throw some flies to some more than willing trout. Lots of the shop guys got out this week and it sounds like the water is really starting to shape up nicely. Visibility is sitting at about 2.5' and we haven't seen much for icebergs (at least for now). We suggest that if you are wanting to get out an throw some flies that you probably get out sooner than later as the crowds will be bad this weekend. 

This time of the season the most important thing is to get your flies deep. Many people are changing up their tactics from the season to better their chances at hooking into an old yellow or a silver bullet. The best tactics for this time of the season are of course nymphing (whether that be one, two or three on a rig, we'll leave that up to you), swinging leech patterns, or huck the big meat for the big boys. It should only be a matter of time till we see the midges start to poke out, and the fish should be more than eager to take a well placed one. With that being said, keep your head on a swivel and your eyes on the water cause you never know where you might see a snout at this time in the year. Just remember that when you head out to always be on the ready, as you never know what you might land come wintertime!

Here are some more suggestions for patterns that we have found to be working well right now:
  • Dries: Cluster Midge sz 16-18, Trico Thorax sz 18-20, Trico Parachute sz 18-20
  • Nymphs: Flexi Girdle Bug Dark Olive sz 6-8, Parkin's PR Muskrat Gold and Brown Stone sz 8-10, Tungstud sz 12-16, Dee's Water Boatman sz 12-16, Tungsten Zebra Midge sz 16-20, Chan's BH Chironomid Bomber Black/Red sz 12-14, Chan's Chironomid Pupa Black/Red 12-14
  • Streamers/Leeches: Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Sculpin sz 4-6, Krafts Kreelex Brown/Yellow or Copper/Gold sz 4, BH Hale Bopp Leech sz 8-10, Weise's Schleech Black sz 4, Strolis Headbanger Sculpin Olive sz 1, and CH Bow River Bugger Brown sz 4-6, Hoh Bo Spey Black with a Chartreuse or Orange butt sz 4

March 15, 2019 Crowsnest and Oldman Area Fishing Report

The open water will be limited but if you are still craving some cutty stuff, then you are able to fish the Oldman River on the mainstem from the Cottonwood Campground Bridge downstream to Sec. Rd. 509 as well as the Crowsnest River mainstem from the outlet of Crowsnest Lake downstream to the Cowley Bridge. The weather has taken a turn for the best so it would be safe to say that more water will be opening up in the next couple weeks.

Fishing reports are very similar to what we've been hearing about the Bow right now. So if you were wondering if it is worthwhile to make a trip down, I would say yes. Both rivers tend to have good hatches, so bringing a little dry fly box with you would be a very good choice. Make sure in that dry fly box that you have a good amount of midges as the fish should be keying into this with the higher sun days. As for the subsurface stuff, nymphing has been the most productive but the streamers have been producing a bruiser or two here and there as well. 

Fly patterns worth tying on in the south:
  • Dries: Adam's sz 18-20, EFO's Trifecta Emerger sz 16-20, Keller's Peppermint Purple sz 14-18, Trico Thorax sz 18-20, and Trico Parachute sz 18-20
  • Nymphs: Evil Weevil sz 14-16, Copper John Red sz 14-20, Theo's BH Pheasant Tail sz 14-18, BH Rubber Leg Stone Tan sz 8-12, Soft Hackle Thorax Bd Green sz 14-16, Chan's Holographic Pupa sz 12-16
  • Streamers: Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Alter's Jointed APP White #3/0, Keller's Bull Candy White sz 4, Loop Leech Pink or Black sz 2, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Pink sz 6, Coffey's Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke or Purple sz 4

March 15, 2019 Elk River Area Fishing Report

We have heard a couple of reports from our Elk River enthusiasts, and it sounds like the fishing is primarily subsurface and the majority of the hits were on the nymph rather than the streamer. Taking down a good selection of nymphs would be your best bet for producing numbers right now, now if you plan on going for some trophy hunting then it wouldn't hurt to rip a couple of streamers through some of the bigger pools as you never know what kind of beast might bite on.

The icebergs are out down that way as well, so we just want to remind everyone to be careful when wading and to exercise caution on the icy banks.

If you're thinking of making a trip down to the Elk we suggest throwing a couple of these guys into your box:
  • Dries: Trico Thorax sz 18-20, Trico Parachute sz 18-22, Adam's sz 18-20
  • Nymphs: Howell's Shuck-it Jig Olive sz 14, Brassie Red sz 16-20, Tungsten BH Lightning Bug sz 16-20, Flexigirdle Bug Black/Tan sz 4-8, Zebra Midge Purple or Black sz 14-18
  • Streamers: Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Black Light sz 6-8, Menage a Dungeon Natural sz 1/0, Wiese's Love Bunny Tan sz 4, Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Carltons Gulpin Sculpin sz 4, Reverse Marb Purple sz, Revers Marabou Purple sz 2



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