Bow River Report

This past couple of weeks of fishing has been pretty good and has proven to be productive for lots of the guys at the shop. Now with that being said, the snow that we have forecasted for this weekend could put a damper on things. Next week does look like it is going to a turn for the better so the visibility problem should only be momentary. If you are wanting to get out an throw some flies hatches have been a bit sporadic recently so we cannot give you a solid time to get out. With traffic in the shop growing it would be safe to say that earlier the better will be the best bet.

This time of the season the most important thing is to get your flies deep. Many people are changing up their tactics from the season to better their chances at hooking into an old yellow or a silver bullet. The best tactics for this time of the season are of course nymphing (whether that be one, two or three on a rig, we'll leave that up to you), swinging leech patterns, or huck the big meat for the big boys. The midges are out in good numbers, but they'll be finishing up very soon. Have no fear though cause the Skwallas have started to pop off in decent amounts and the BWO's should be a matter of days before they start hatching in healthy amounts. We definitely suggest keeping your head on a swivel and your eyes on the water cause you never know where you might see a snout at this time in the year. And of course, always remember that when you head out to always be on the ready, as you never know what you might land come spring time!

Here are some more suggestions for patterns that we have found to be working well right now:

  • Dries: Trico Thorax sz 18-20, Trico Parachute sz 18-20, Mosquito sz 16, Purple Haze sz 14-18, BWO Thorax sz 14-20 , Christaen's Gt Adult BWO sz 16-18, Miller's Hi-Viz Skwalla sz 10-12, Saliga's Low Rider Skawalla sz 10

  • Nymphs: Flexi Girdle Bug Dark Olive sz 6-8, Parkin's PR Muskrat Gold and Brown Stone sz 8-10, Tungstud sz 12-16, Tungsten Zebra Midge sz 16-20, Chan's BH Chironomid Bomber Black/Red sz 12-14, Chan's Chironomid Pupa Black/Red 12-14

  • Streamers/Leeches: , BH Hale Bopp Leech sz 10, Weise's Schleech Brwon sz 4, Strolis Headbanger Sculpin Natural sz 1, and CH Bow River Bugger Brown sz 4-6, Hoh Bo Spey Black with a Chartreause or Orange butt sz 4, Circus Peanut Olive sz 1/0

***We have a bunch of new patterns at the shop, come by and check em' out!*** 

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