Southwestern Alberta

Early spring fishing on the Crow and surrounding waters have proven to be decently productive for early spring conditions. If you are craving some cutty stuff, you will be able to fish the Oldman River on the mainstem from the 22x downstream to Sec. rd 510, Oldman Reservoir dam downstream to the Cottonwood Campground Bridge, as well as the Crowsnest River mainstem from the outlet of Crowsnest Lake downstream to the Cowley Bridge. There hasn't been a whole bunch of talk on the quality of the open water but if its anything like the fishing that we've had on the Bow, it will be picking up.

Fishing reports are very similar to what we've been hearing about the Bow right now. So if you were wondering if it is worthwhile to make a trip down, I would say yes. Both rivers tend to have good hatches, and we have been hearing reports of small winter stones hatching as well as the occasional midge or BWO. Make sure you bring along your dry fly box and make sure that it has got a healthy amount of tiny dries so that you can better tailor your fly to what's hatching with the higher sun days. As for the subsurface stuff, nymphing has been the most productive style but the streamers haven't been too bad either are have still been able to entice a bruiser or two here and there.

Fly patterns worth tying on in the south:

  • Dries: Adam's sz 18-20, EFO's Trifecta Emerger sz 16-20, Keller's Peppermint Purple sz 14-18, Trico Thorax sz 18-20, and Trico Parachute sz 18-20, CDC Biot Emerger sz 16-20, Keller's Peppermint Olive sz 14-18

  • Nymphs: Rowley's Black Sally sz 12-14, Rowley's Grey Boy sz 14, Theo's BH Pheasant Tail sz 14-18, BH Rubber Leg Stone Tan sz 8-12, Soft Hackle Thorax Bd Green sz 14-16, Chan's Holographic Pupa sz 12-16, Parkins's Brown Stone sz 8-10

  • Streamers: Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke sz 4, Alter's Jointed APP White #3/0, Dolly Lama White or Pink/White sz 2, Coffey's Sparkle Minnow Pink sz 6, Coffey's Articulated Sparkle Minnow Smoke or Purple sz 4, Mclure's Kill Whitey Natural or White sz 1/0

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Gianni Silvestri