Bow River Report

The Bow River continues to produce some good size fish this week as the season begins to pick up. Reports from shop members and customers have confirmed that the rainbows are still spawning in some areas of the river so make sure to avoid fishing areas around redds. Looking forward the forecast is ugly but at least the caddis has started to pop off this week. Make sure to swing by the shop and grab a couple caddis flies before you head out on the river next.

 The Bow bumped up a little this week from 50 cms to just over 80 cms, fortunately, water clarity is still pretty good. However, with the future forecast and our current snowpack, reports indicate that runoff may be just around the corner. Both the Highwood and fish creek are flowing pretty dirty and adding a lot of silt and mud to the river, so If you are worried about visibility fishing above fish creek is going to be your best shot for better clarity.

 If your looking to head to the river this weekend make sure you have some darker streamers and caddis patterns on you, both nymphs and dries. If the water is high and dirty, try stripping streamers tight along the banks or through slower deeper pools. Keep your eyes out for risers, especially if you see some caddies flies start to hatch.



Millers Hi-viz Skwala #10-#12

Hi Vis CDC Caddis Uv Tan #14-#16

Elk Hair Caddis #14-#16

Cluster Midge #16-#18



Flexi Girdle Bug Black/Tan #6

Blooms Tungdart #16

Tungsten Pheasant tail #14-#18

Caddis pupa olive #14-#16



Pine Squirrel Leech Black #12

Muddy Buddy Black #4

BH Flashabou Bugger Brown #10-#12

YFG Depth Charge Black #2

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 6.07.46 PM.png
Connor Ingstrup