Parkland Prairie


The Prairie lakes were fishing well this week, water clarity is getting better, however the moisture in the forecast may dirty things up again. Lake fishing so far this year has proven to be productive, the long winter we had has resulted in colder water temperatures this year. Although some of the fish are feeding aggressively some fish are still pretty cold and slow, things will still need to warm up a bit before the fishing really turns on and the big fish start move a bit more. That being said anglers are still having good luck from both the boat and off shore so dont hesitate to whip down to one of the lakes and chuck and duck some big flies for those monsters out there.


Daves Flat Head Pike Bunny Chart #2

Alters BJ Minnow Tiger #1/0

Alters Minnow Grey/White #1/0

Articulated Sparkle Minnow Sculpin #04

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.56.27 AM.png
Connor Ingstrup