Bow River Report

Top Water Bow River Brown

Top Water Bow River Brown

Caddis, Caddis, and more Caddis! The mothers day caddis was a couple of days late this year, but the fish have started to dial into both topwater and subsurface patterns. The river bumped up this past week to 125 cms but is now back down to 85cms and is still flowing relatively clear with about 2-2.5ft visibility, however, fish creek and the Highwood are flowing high and muddy so the clarity of the river gets better the further upstream of the Highwood that you get. Customers and staff have been seeing more and more fish pushed up and sitting along the banks. Although the dry fly action is still pretty inconsistent if you see rising trout it's definitely worth tieing on a dry fly and see if you can get one of those big browns on a topwater eat.

Ross LTX:

Ross LTX:

With the fish pushed up along the banks due to higher water volumes and flow rates. Try finding those grassy cutbacks that drop off quickly and are paired with a relatively slow moving current. Try Nymphing caddis pupas and stonefly nymphs along these banks. Using darker colored streamers this year can prove to be productive as well. When the water gets dirtier, darker flies contrast against the murky water better allowing for fish to see your flies better. Stripping darker streamers in your natural colors along these banks may increase your chance of catching a larger fish as they tend to key into bigger meals.

With more rain in the forecast, don't forget to bring your rain jacket if you're heading out onto the water this weekend.


Peacock Caddis #14-#16

Hi-Vis CDC Caddis Uv Tan #14-#16

Dun Midge Cluster #18-#20

Blue Winged Olive #18


Caddis Pupa #14-#16

Jig Head Pheasant Tail #16

Hares Ear #16

BWO Killer #14-16


Jointed Urchin Black #4

Wieses Schleech Black #4

BH Flashabou Bugger #10-12

Muddy Buddy Black #4

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Connor Ingstrup