Southwestern Alberta

Southern Alberta Brook Trout

Southern Alberta Brook Trout

Spring runoff is still going pretty strong down on our southern streams, the Crowsnest dropped from 12.0 cms to 8.43cms this week. Although still a little high the clarity of the water is a fishable 2 feet. There is still a good amount of snow in the mountains and recent moisture leads us to believe spring runoff is going to continue for the next couple weeks. The trout lakes in the surrounding area are still fishing good, although the fish are still a little slow due to colder water temperatures if you are looking to escape the muddy rivers these lakes will be your next best choice.

Same goes as last week for fly pattern and color recommendations, if you are heading down to the crow or old man this week don't forget your darker streamer and nymph patterns, with around 2 feet of visibility, the fish are going to be able to see the darker streamers better as they will contrast better against the murky water. Rip those streamers along and nymph along those deep cutbacks to target fish that have been pushed up against the banks of the river due to higher water volumes.


Elk Hair Caddis #14-#16

Sparkle Dun BWO #16-#18

Millers Hi-Vis Skwala #10-#12

BWO THorax #16-#18


Evil Weevil #14-#16

Copper John #16-#18

Flexi Girdle Bug Black/Tan #6

BH Rubber Leg Stone #10-#12


BH Flashabou Bugger Brown #10-#12

Coffreys Sparkle Minnow Black #6-#8

Muddy Buddy Olive #4

Kraft Kreelex Black/Red/Sil #4

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Connor Ingstrup