Bow River Report

Bow River Rainbow  Photo: Gianni Silvestri

Bow River Rainbow

Photo: Gianni Silvestri

As the water levels rise and spring runoff begins to ramp the visibility in the river is only going to get worse. The southern streams of Alberta are pretty blown out this means both fish creek and the Highwood river are dumping mud into the bow river. Because of this, the sections of the bow river below the Highwood are going to have the least visibility. If you are planning on hitting the bow this weekend visibility is going to be a lot better upstream of the Highwood confluence and even better upstream of fish creek park.

More and more fish are going to start getting pushed closer to the banks of the river as the banks are less turbulent and offer more of a relaxed pocket for the fish to sit. This being said fishing darker streamers and nymphs along the banks of the river this time of year has been proven to be a more productive technique.

Todays Flow Rate:

  • 150.62 cms


  • Above Fish Creek: 2 feet

  • Below Fish Creek: 1 foot


Goddard Caddis #14

S. Swishers Dancing Caddis Peacock #16

CDC Thorax March Brown #14

Translucent Emerger #16


Tungsten Trout Retriever Black #6-#8

Lex’s Sexy Stone Skwala #10

Evil Weavil #14

BH Pheasant Tail Purple #14-#18


Carltons Gulpin Sculpin #4

Circus Peanut Olive #1/0

CH Bow River Bugger Black #6-#12

Clousabou Black #6

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 12.55.44 PM.png
Connor Ingstrup