Southeastern BC

Fish on!

Fish on!

The Elk bumped back down this week and anglers reported that it has produced some good fishing conditions. The water has cleared up and fish are starting to key into bigger grasshopper and stonefly patterns again. If you are looking to head down to the elk this weekend keep an eye on the weather as there is some precipitation in the forecast for Fernie this weekend. Water temperatures are still a little cold therefore starting the day off with nymphs have proven to be more productive, as the water temperatures are colder earlier in the day. Closer to noon the fish should start to become more active and start looking for those tasty dry flies.



Jointed Urchin White #2

CH Sparkle Minnow Smoke #8

Carltons Gulpin Sculpin #4

Fish Skull Sculpin Bugger Brown #6


BH Stonefly Foxy Brown #4-#6

Flexi Girdle Bug Brown #6-#8

Hare’s Ear #14

Ultimate Skip Nymph #16


Goulds Half Down Golden Stone #10

Dornan’s Micro Gold Member #14-#16

Parachute Green Drake #10

PMD #14-#16

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 1.29.57 PM.png
Connor Ingstrup