Bow River Report

Photo: Connor Ingstrup

Photo: Connor Ingstrup

The river this week seemed to pick up a little after the most recent period of snowstorms and rain that we got. Even with the most recent dump of moisture, the river is still flowing very clear, however, it is still flowing low. The daytime lows in the mountains are still dipping below zero, so it looks like the water will continue to be quite clear for the next 14 days.

BWO hatches are still popping off as well as your occasional midge hatch as well. Fish are starting to key into these smaller dry fly’s as anglers are starting to run into more and more rising fish. The fish still seem to be waking up more towards the warmer hour of the day however the fish seem to be starting to get going earlier and earlier. Streamers are beginning to become more productive as those big browns are keying into those lager meals. Anglers are having luck on natural colored streamers from your 1” leech patterns up to your 3-4” Articulated streamers.

The fish, in general, are more actively moving out of their wintering holes and back into shallower water, don’t hesitate swinging streamers through or nymphing those shallower quicker runs as the fish have moved into the riffles and buckets.

Dries: Hi Vis Parachute BWO #18-#20, Dun Midge Cluster #18-20, Dunnigans Dunn Dunn BWO #16-18, BWO Thorax #16-#18.

Nymphs: Ultimate Skip Nymph #16-#18, Jig Pheasant Tail Nymph #14-#16, Evil Weevil Olive #14-#16.

Streamers: Strolis Headbanger Sculpin Olive #2, Godzilla Sculpin Olive #6, Docs Articulator Smelt #4, Clousabou Olive #4.

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Connor Ingstrup