Southwestern Alberta

Photo: Connor Ingstrup

Photo: Connor Ingstrup

The Crowsnest and the surrounding area saw a bit of a bump in water levels this week. With the warm weather in the forecast and positive overnight lows, more snow is starting to melt and it is going to ultimately increase the flow rates. Right now the Crowsnest is flowing a little bit higher but is still flowing clear.

Fishing has become more productive with dry fly’s but nymphing techniques and streamer fishing are still more productive throughout the watershed. Smaller BWO and midge patterns have proved to work well if you can find some rising fish. Aswell anglers have been catching a fish or two on skwala dry fly patterns. Not a bad combination to try a skwala hopper pattern with a BWO or pheasant tail dropper along current seams and throughout buckets and riffles.

Dries: Goulds Half Down Skwala #12, Chernobyl Grizzly #10, No Hackle BWO #16-#20, EFO’s Trifecta Emerger #18-20.

Nymphs: Tungsten BH Hares Ear #14-#18, Copper John Black #14-#18, Flexi Girdle Bug Black/Tan #8, Lex’s Sexy Stone Skwala #10.

Streamers: Jointed Urchin White #4, Coyote Clouser #4, Coffeys Sparkle Minnow Smoke #4, BH Flashabou Bugger Black #10-#12.

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Connor Ingstrup