Bow River Report


Fishing on the Bow River has continued to be good. Small hoppers are getting the occasional looks but the main bugs that the fish are eating right now are BWO's, Water Boatman, and the occasional October caddis.

When it comes to styles of fishing and how to approach the Bow for the next couple of weeks, we would recommend either starting the day with a nymph, hopper dropper, dry emerger-dropper, or streamers. Of course, if you see any of the earlier mentioned bugs hatching then I would tie on a dry. Don't count out the streamer fishing should start to turn on pretty quick, it hasn't been overly productive but with this overcast weather and colder temperatures continuing it could shift those fish into feed mode and the streamer fishing could take off.

Shop staff have been getting out on the Bow a good amount and can confirm that the brown trout are on redds now. During this time we advise you to try and leave them alone so that they can do their thing. Also, when wading the river be cognizant of where you step the redds can be thick through some sections and the last thing we want to do is stomp on them.

Weather/Flow Rates

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.54.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 10.56.04 AM.png



Clousabou Brown/White #6

Wiese’s Love Bunny Tan #4

Carlton’s Gulpin Sculpin #4

Godzilla Sculpin Bighorn #6


Soft Hackle Thorax Bead Black #14-16

Copper John Black #12-18

Frenchy Olive #12-16

Dee’s Waterboatmen #12-16


Trico Parachute #18-22

Smoke Jumper Red #18-20

Keller’s Peppermint Olive #12-18

Poly Wing Spinner BWO #16-20


Feature Fly:

Poly Wing Spinner BWO

Gianni Silvestri