Southwestern Alberta

Tasty Looking Cutthroat Candy

Tasty Looking Cutthroat Candy

Due to recent rainfall, the rivers and streams have bumped back up again. Although the water is running high, clarity is still fishable and water temperatures are still quite cold. Nymphing has proven to be more productive in the mornings with dry fly action picking up later on in the day as the water warms up. When the water is higher and faster the fish will look for softer water to hang out in. Look for seam lines or back eddies that are created in-behind rocks and log jams. If you are looking to head down to the southwestern streams this weekend, the forecast is not calling for much rain. This may allow for the rivers to drop and produce some action-packed fishing just in time for the long weekend.

Flow Rate: 6.60 cm/s

Visibility: 4'<

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CH Sparkle Minnow #6-#8

Taupe Leech #04-#06

Krafts Kreelex Purp/Black/Silver#4

BH Flash Bugger Olive #6-#8


AJ’s Bird Turd #6-#8

BH FLash Prince Purple #16

Evil Weevil #14-#16

Pats Rubber Leg Tan/Brown #2


Pale Morning Dun #14-#16

Lime Trude #14-#16

CDC Thorax #12-#14

Goulds Half Down Golden #10-#12

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 12.40.54 PM.png
Connor Ingstrup