Southwestern Alberta

Sabrina with a nice young Bulltrout

Sabrina with a nice young Bulltrout

With the recent rain we have gotten the last couple days and with the upcoming rain in the forecast. The streams of southwestern Alberta are going to continue to run high. The Sheep River and lower Highwood River are both running a little murky. The streams clarity will become better towards the headwaters, however, water temperatures are still quite chilly.

The Crowsnest River has been fishing well despite some of the rain they have had. Anglers have been running into some great dry fly fishing.

Nymphing has proven to be more productive in the mornings with dry fly action picking up later on in the day as the water warms up. Look for seam lines or back eddies that are created in-behind rocks and log jams. If you are looking to head down to the southwestern streams this weekend, the forecast is not calling for rain.

Flow Rate: 7.16

Visibility: 4'<

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Galloup’s Dungeon White #2

Coffeys Sparkle Minnow Olive #6

CH Sparkle Minnow Tan #6

Doc’s Articulated Smelt #4


BH Lighting Bug Purple #16

BH Stonefly Foxy Brow #6

Copper John Black #14

Evil Weevil #14


Swisher Dancing Caddis #14

Royal Trude #14

Parachute Adam’s #14

Gould’s Half Down Ant #16

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Connor Ingstrup