Southwestern Alberta

Connor with a decent Cutty

Connor with a decent Cutty

Just when the streams were starting to return back to normal. Another push of moisture that rolled through the mountains has bumped everything up again. The Highwood is high and dirty as the sheep river continues to pump mud. The Livingstone and Oldman are running high and dirty. The Crowsnest is clear and still fishing well. If you are looking to head down south this weekend make sure you check the forecast. These rivers should start to clear up and become more fishable in the next couple of days. However, if we get any more big storms don't be surprised if the rivers bump up yet again.

Nymphs and streamers are still proving to be productive, with the odd fish looking up for dry flies. Nymphing has proven to be more rewarding in the mornings with dry fly action picking up later on in the day as the water warms up. Look for seam lines or back eddies that are created in-behind rocks and log jams. If you are looking to head down to the southwestern streams this weekend, the forecast is not calling for rain.

Flow Rate: 6.12

Visibility: 4'<

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Jointed Urchin White #4

Dolly Lama Pink/Flesh #2

Dornan’s Chicklet Olive/White #4

Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow Hot Pink #06


Pat’s Rubber Leg Tan/Brown #10

BH Stone Fat Bastard #6

Holla Back Girl Purple #16

Blue Weevil #14


Chubby Chernobyle Tan #10

PMD #16

Parachute Adam’s #14

CDC Thorax Slate Grey #16

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 4.53.10 PM.png
Connor Ingstrup