Bow River Report

Bow River Rainbow Trout

Bow River Rainbow Trout

With the river bumping up to 260 cms earlier this week, and with the river sitting at 240cms today, it may be safe to say that runoff is now among us. With the rain in the forecast, we can only assume that the river is going to only get worse. Although the river is high and dirty, if you are still thinking about giving it a shot, the tactics to approach these high waters are very similar to those mentioned earlier this season. Darker flies are going to contrast better against the dirty water and the fish are going to push up along the banks of the river. Target cutbanks and areas where the water is more calm and slow along the sides of the river (Approximately 10’-15’).

If you aren't too interested in tackling high muddy water but would still like to get out fishing. Check out our runoff alternatives page here:

Visibility: About 12”

Water levels:



Muddy Buddy Black #4

FB Pine Squrrel Leech #12

BH Flash Bugger #10-#12

Wieses Schleech #4


BH Flash Prince Purple #14-#16

Copper John Black #14-#18

Holla Back Girl Purple #16-#18

Tungstud #14-#16


Parachute Adams #16-#18

Elk Hair Caddis #12-#14

Goulds Half Down Skwala #12-#14

Christean’s GT Adult BWO #16

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.15.42 PM.png
Connor Ingstrup